Your Favorite Cold-Drink Might Cause Bowel Cancer! Latest Study Finds.

It is a common knowledge that a balanced diet and regular workout is associated with reduced risks of cancer. But we are still a long way from people actually taking the initiative towards prevention rather than the cure.

Soft drinks, Soda and other sugary drinks are often abused by consumers in the name of lifestyle. These drinks are far away from healthy. In fact, they contain so much more sugar than what you actually need.

Till only a few hundred thousand years ago, our ancestors had to struggle a lot for finding rich sources of fats and sugars. Consuming enough fats and sugar was necessary for the survival back then, and that was the system for millions of years. Our bodies evolved to crave for these foods, and that craving still lives in us, but the scarcity is no more. We live in a world where Sugary and high-fat foods are available in abundance. This inability of our body to adapt with the lifestyle change is killing us as a species.

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Obesity and intake of unhealthy food is directly related to countless diseases that include cancer. A recent medical research from the Cornell University reveal a nightmarish truth we all almost knew.

They found that a diet high in Glucose and Fructose doubled the risk of cancer development in the mice. If it can happen with mice, it can happen with human, and it is happening.

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This research began after an increase in Bowel Cancer cases recorded among the under 35 age group in the United States.

So, now that we have a study that shows us the fact that sugary diet promotes cancer growth, how are you planning to change your diet now?

Also, it is worth mentioning that this study was conducted on mice that are genetically more likely to develop cancer, so, it might be easier for you to disregard this information as hogwash.

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However, obesity and the lack of exercise is in fact directly related to an increased risk of cancer, and drinking your favourite sugary syrup is doing nothing but contributing to an unhealthier lifestyle. So, the choice is yours.

Source: Cornell.edu

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