Wish to Reduce the Risk of Breast & Prostate Cancer? Eat at Least Two Hours Before Bedtime


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A recent study revealed that if you wish to lower the risk of breast & prostate cancer, it is advisable to eat at least two hours before bedtime. Eating dinner at least two hours before going to bed can lower the risk of developing prostate & breast cancer.

The study revealed that people who consumed the evening meal before 9 pm or waited at least 2 hours before heading to sleep were observed to have at least 20 percent lesser risk of prostate & breast cancer to those who consumed dinner after 10 pm or closer to sleep.

The given study was conducted by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health. This study has been the first outlook towards creating the association between the timings of the meal and risks to different types of cancers. The researchers claimed that this study would have implications for the medical advice related to disease prevention.

The lead author from the Barcelona Institute for Global Health named Manolis Kogevinas said in a statement that the study done by the researchers concludes the fact that by adhering to the habit of eating during the day, you can create a link to the lowered chances of cancer. The research highlights the importance of the assessment of circadian rhythms in medical studies related to diet & cancer.

The participants in the research were interviewed about the sleeping habits, meal timings, and chronotype –the individual attribute that correlates with the preference for evening or morning activities. The findings of the research concluded that patients suffering from cancer were more likely to have dinner during the later phase of the night or right before bedtime.

Prostate and breast cancers are the most commonly associated types of cancers with night-shift working habits and circadian disruption.