Lakesha Ball, a mother of 5 lovely children from Maryland was diagnosed of breast cancer in May, 2017.

After almost 2 years of going through the pain and suffering, Ball was announced cancer free on March 11, 2019 from her hospital. She also went through surgery to remove cancerous lump as part of the treatment.

Lakesha’s daughter Mrhaiyah Mitchell, uploaded the video on social media captioned “No more stressing, no more sleepless nights worrying about my mama [in] pain”. The video since then has gathered more than 3 million views over social media.

“When my mom rung that bell, I felt a different type of happy. I could not stop smiling and crying,” Mitchell told FOX 4. “I’m so happy my mother is able to share her story so everyone else who is fighting cancer can understand to always have faith and never feel like you’re alone when you have God.”

Ball uploaded a photo after completing her final found of radiation. Ball gave an interview to WBFF-TV later.

“I stepped in front of the bell and I said, ‘Thank you Lord’ and everybody started screaming and when I grabbed that string on the bell. I wasn’t trying to take those people’s bell out of the wall. Yes, I was,” Ball told WBFF-TV. “But I could not stop, all that pain, that agony. Everything I’ve been through, I released on that bell when I rang it. When I walked out of that clinic that day, I am free, that’s all I can say. I am free.”

She now plans to become an advocate for breast cancer to help other women suffering from the same disease.