Vegetables May Help To Decrease the Risk Of Colon Cancer


Many diseases can easily be cured by natural means.

Colon cancer usually occurs at a later stage of life. Constant researching has revealed that most people will likely start having colonoscopies above the age of 40 years. The chance of colon cancer can be reduced if the early growth of cancerous cells are restricted. Most important is to make a timely recognition of cancerous cells.


A study was conducted among 77000 people which proved that cancer risk can be reduced at early ages as well. It was published in JAMA Internal Medicine. Diet plays a significant role in this case. JAMA findings revealed that eating vegetables lowers the colon cancer risk by 19% and rectal cancer risk by 29% in people who are vegetarians. A study showed that Pesco-Vegetarians, those who eat more seafood but avoid other meats have a lower risk of colorectal cancer by 43%. Lacto-ovo Vegetarians are the people who take dairy products but avoid meat. This group has shown a reduced risk of colorectal cancer by 18%. Vegans avoid all meats and dairy products and have a lowered risk of 16%. Semi-Vegans have lowered risk by 8%. Eating red and processed meat increases the risk of colorectal cancer.

In order to save ourselves from such lethal diseases, we should observe a balanced diet that favors best eating practices for our body.