Vaccine For Serious Skin Cancer In Clinical Stage II Trial

A first patient has received a vaccine a part of a phase II trial.  The company behind this vaccine is BioNTech.  Because this is a phase II, it means the earlier test data and the phase I trial were generally considered safe.  The company says there were minimum side effects with the first trial.

BioNTech is administering the vaccine along with the medication Libtayo.  This trial is being given to people who have advanced-stage three and stage-four skin cancer.  If the vaccine and drug can cure the cancer in these advanced staged cancer patients, it will truly give hope to all those who have similar cancers earlier forms of this type of cancer.

The vaccine works by using mRNA Technology by helping the patient’s immune system to recognize the cancer cells and kill them.  As a part of this phase II trial, the company will be keenly watching and observing the results over the coming months.

This is an exciting time especially for those people who have advanced forms of skin cancer.  It is possible that this vaccine approach can be engineered to apply to other forms of cancer, but first, we all have to wait for these stage II trial results.

The company said in a press release: “Our vision is to harness the power of the immune system against cancer and infectious diseases.  We were able to demonstrate the potential of mRNA vaccines in addressing COVID-19. We must not forget, that cancer is also a global health threat, even worse than the current pandemic.”

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