Tumor Spray to Inhibit Tumor Growth


A new spray has been invented that can stop recurrence of cancer after the tumor has been removed. It was tested on mice which were having advanced melanoma tumors. Calcium carbonate spray was used for mice. It is found in rocks and egg shells. The spray blocked CD47 protein in cancer which wards off immune system of the body. It was really effective and mice did not show any growth of cancerous cells for about 60 days after spray.

Cancer is a disease in which abnormal growth of cells occurs. Even after the treatment, this growth is continued because cancer cells grow again. The metastasis of cancer cells kills 90% of people from which tumor has been removed. According to Zhen Gu “This sprayable gel shows promise against one of the greatest obstacles in curing cancer.”

Scientists got positive results when they tested the spray on mice and now they wanted to have human trials. Researchers are so enthusiastic about this research that they are busy in deriving the best mix for a gel with an optimal dose to achieve surprising results.

When the wounds are exposed to calcium carbonate spray it dissolves in wound sites. This leads to the activation of certain macrophages. Activated macrophages fight with foreign objects that have invaded inside the body and push them out of the body. Qian Chen says that “We also learned that gel could activate T cells in the immune system to get them to work together as another line of attack against lingering cancer cells.”