Trojan Horse Kills Cancer Cells

Trojan Horse Kills Cancer Cells

In exciting research done by scientists and researchers at the University of Edinburgh have uncovered that combining a molecule named SeNBD could “trick” cells and bacteria into consuming the drug.

The drug is activated employing light.  The SeNBD is incredibly small and is also a photosensitizer, which means it can only kill and destroy cancer cells and not healthy tissue surrounding the cancer cells. 

Doctors can decide exactly where in the body where the drug needs to be activated.  This procedure also helps minimize the kinds of side effects for those patients going through this treatment.

Dr. Sam Benson, a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Edinburgh’s Centre for Inflammation, is quoted as saying: “With SeNBD, we can combine a light-activated drug with the food that cancerous and bacterial cells normally eat.

This means we can deliver our ‘Trojan horse’ directly through the front door of the cell rather than trying to find a way to batter through the cells defences.”

This research represents an important advance in the design of new therapies that can be simply activated by light irradiation, which is generally very safe.

SeNBD is one of the smallest photosensitizers ever made and its use as a ‘Trojan horse’ opens many new opportunities in interventional medicine for killing harmful cells without affecting surrounding healthy tissue.”  Said Researcher Professor Marc Vendrell, Chair of Translational Chemistry and Biomedical Imaging.

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