Top Nutritional, Health Benefits of Cashew Milk


Looking for health, nutrition – filled drink? Cashew milk serves to be a famous, non-dairy beverage that is made out of whole cashews and water.  Having a rich, creamy consistency, the cashew milk is extremely nutritious as it is loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and various other useful plant compounds.  Cashew milk is known to boost the overall immunity while providing strength to eyesight, heart, and skin health.

Here are some major health benefits of cashew milk:

  • Loaded with Multiple Nutrients: Cashew milk is known to contain protein, healthy fats, and a wide range of essential vitamins & minerals. A majority of the fat content in the milk comes from the presence of unsaturated fatty acids that tend to boost the overall heart health along with other benefits.
  • Boosts Heart Health: Various studies have linked the benefits of cashew milk with lower risks of heart diseases. Cashew milk is known to contain magnesium and potassium – two nutrients that are known for boosting overall heart health and preventing heart diseases.
  • Great for Eye Health: Cashews are known to be rich in antioxidants including zeaxanthin and lutein. These compounds are responsible for preventing cellular damage to the eyes.  The presence of antioxidants in the cashews might help in lowering the risk of retinal damage, cataracts, and age-related macular degradation.
  • Aids in Blood Clotting: Cashew milk is known to be rich in vitamin K which is vital for blood clotting. When you consume food items rich in vitamin K like cashew milk, it can help in maintain an efficient level of the protein associated with blood clotting.  When you are on blood-thinning medications, it is recommended for you to consult your doctor before consuming cashew milk.
  • Improved Blood Sugar Level: Drinking cashew milk on a regular basis can help in regulating your blood sugar levels. This can be particularly helpful in patients with diabetes.  A study found that a compound found in cashews named “anacardic acid” can help in stimulating the uptake of blood sugar levels in mice.
  • Great for Skin: Cashews are known to be loaded with copper. As such, the milk derived from the cashews – particular the one that is derived at home, is known to be rich in copper as well.  Copper is known to play a major role in creating vital skin proteins and is considered important for enhanced skin health.

Inherit the benefits of cashew milk for your optimal health!