4 Essential facts Vs. Myths About Diet & Cancer

While doing some study about the association of diet and cancer, you might come across several facts as well as myths in link to the same. Know some of them. There is no denying the importance of a nutrient-rich diet when it comes to preventing a majority of diseases, including cancer. While most of them are facts based on proven studies & research, you might as well come across several myths when it comes to finding an association between diet & cancer risk.

FACT: Cancer Cells Tend to Behave Differently Than Normal Cells

Cancer cells are known to reproduce at a faster rate and quite irregularly than other normal cells in the body. Due to faster growth, cancer cells get immensely influenced by insulin and sugar. While not all of them, still some of the cancer cells tend to develop insulin receptors in increased numbers than normal cells such that they are able to take advantage of the insulin availability in the given environment.

MYTH: It is Possible to Starve Cancer Cells

There is no way of feeding or starving cancer cells –especially with diet choices. However, the overall diet that you maintain might help in creating an environment that can either inhibit or promote the growth of cancer cells in the body. A study reveals that a low-sugar diet, including a keto diet might be helpful in influencing the growth of cancer cells.

MYTH: All Cancer Cells Respond Similarly to the Ketogenic Diet

Given its popularity, it is quite tempting to try out the ketogenic diet or other similar low-sugar diets on ensuring the solution for cancers of all types. However, it is not so! A team of researchers analyzed that only some cancer cells might be specifically responsive to glucose withdrawal. The relationship between sugar consumption and cancer growth gets further complicated by the process “PI3K mutation.”

FACT: Amino Acids Tend to Affect Cancer Cell Behavior & Growth

It is not only the overall sugar intake when it comes to influencing your body to serve as a good or bad environment for ensuring cancer growth. Research reveals that certain amino acids might also play a vital role in slowing down the overall growth of cancer cells in the body. One of the best approaches to ensuring amino acids in the body is through a vegan diet.

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