Toddler Beats Cancer and Gives Hope to Thousands Across the Globe

We at TheCureForCancer.com believe that hope makes the world go around. We understand the fact that so many of our readers are fighting a battle with cancer in their own way, from the patient to family members and friends, cancer affects each and every one in some way.

We also setup a “Hope Stories” Section on our website dedicated to sharing stories that inspire and ignite the hope for a better future. We keep receiving entries from people around the world about their fights with cancer.

The story that we’re sharing today is a story that will make your eyes humid and will make you want to look at your loved ones and hug them.

This is the story of Molly Hughes, she has gone through and survived what most ordinary people will never have to. At just 6 months old, she was diagnosed with cancer. She went through 15 months of cancer treatment that takes its toll on the body and mind. But her bravery unmatched by even the deadliest of disease.

“I don’t think people realize unless they actually go through it, just how hard it is,” said Molly’s mother, Chelsea Hughes.

Molly’s mother loves to see her play outside as much as Molly enjoys outdoor activities herself. In her own words…

“She loves being outside from the time she gets up till she goes to bed, she’s just wild,” said Chelsea. “So full of energy and just loves doing what a baby should be doing.”

When a baby is born, new dreams are born in the parents too. They can just feel the moments that are going to take place in the future, their baby growing up and leaving for their first day of school, learning to ride the bike for the first time, and their first love, their college graduation. All these dreams get a big question mark on them when their baby is diagnosed with such a disease. We can only imagine what Molly’s mother must have gone through.

However, Molly, after 15 of treatment, is finally in remission. She’ll be on a trial medication for two years to prevent the cancer from coming back.

Molly has received love from throughout the globe and many have witnessed her triumph over cancer in person.

If you or some of your loved one has a story that has the potential to give hope to somebody, we would highly appreciate it if you will mail it to us at info@thecureforcancer.com and we’ll share it with the world. You never know for whom you might become the source of hope and strength.

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