Three Factors Might Help in Extending Life for Patients with Pancreatic Cancer

A recent study by the reputed Mayo Clinic has revealed that there are three factors that might contribute to extending the life of the patients having pancreatic cancer.

A new study at the Mayo Clinic has revealed that a proper pre-surgery treatment plan might help in extending the overall life of patients with advanced pancreatic cancer. As per the team of researchers at the Mayo Clinic, most of the patients with pancreatic cancer who tumors tend to grow outside the organ and even include the arteries & veins have received the statement that their cancer is inoperable. It is also advised to them that they should prepare themselves for the survival to be around 12-18 months at the maximum.

New Study Involving Pre-Surgery Treatment Plan

While hope for such patients with advanced pancreatic cancer seems bleak, the researchers at the Mayo Clinic have come up with the concept of the pre-surgery treatment plan for the disease. The particular plan aims at focusing on three vital factors that can help in extending the overall survival period of the patients. The three vital factors are chemotherapy that is performed before the surgery, a typical CA 19-9 cancer or tumor marker falling to normal levels after performing chemotherapy, and a cancer tumor that, after removal surgically, has been found to be completely or mostly dead because of chemotherapy.

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The Results of the Study

Three Factors Might Help in Extending Life for Patients with Pancreatic Cancer

While conducting the study, the researchers at the Mayo Clinic observed the results on as many as 194 patients who were receiving chemotherapy that was followed by radiotherapy & surgery. The average survival rate that was around 58.8 months was achieved through the same. The researchers also found that the cancer patients who underwent the three vital factors during their treatment reflected longer survival rates in comparison to those who did not.

As per the Mayo Clinic reports, as many as 55,000 individuals all across the United States are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer every year. In around a third portion of such cases, cancer has not spread to other organs. However, it tends to grow on the exteriors of the organ for wrapping itself around the arteries and veins. This is wherein the role of the three vital factors comes in towards revolutionizing the traditional methods of treating such conditions.

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