This Cancer Survivor Inspires All with Her Viral Bridal Photoshoot

There are several instances in which we come across various inspiring people –who never fail to give us courage and hope, even when something worse is happening in their lives. Read such a heart-warming story.

Meet Navi Indran Pillai –the courageous bride, whose viral bridal photo-shoot has taken the Internet by storm. Why? Navi is a beautiful bride-to-be and a cancer survivor at the same time. In her inspiring bridal photo shoot, Navi takes to braving her strong will and attitude as she smiles her heart out after surviving cancer. Steering away with the common stereotype of an all shy bride, Navi took the legacy of bold & beautiful to another level through her inspirational “Bold Indian Bride” avatar.

The Classic Indian Bride

 Instead of going for the typical all-shy bridal photo shoot, Navi was committed to giving out a strong message. A cancer survivor herself, she wanted to inspire others and encourage other cancer patients as well as survivors through her bold bridal photo shoot. Through her unique bridal photo shoot, the message is loud & clear –to embrace your transformation while you are fighting with cancer.

With her Instagram profile name as Navi Indran Pillai, Vashnavi Poovanedran, aimed at taking advantage of the social media platform through her amazing bridal photo-shoot that was titled “The Bold Indian Bride.” Followed by her bold photo shoot, Indran took to the photo-sharing platform to share how cancer robs many women out there of their natural beauty –especially on the wedding day. She added that her photo-shoot was aimed at providing support as well as encouragement to the cancer patients & survivors come across the fact that they were beautiful & bold –inside out.

Navi’s Inspirational Journey

Navi adds that cancer treatments and the after-effects of the same tend to offer a wide range of limitations. Cancer can rob a woman of her natural beauty and confidence. As a little girl, it is the dream of every Indian bride out there to look the best on her wedding day. Navi, who is herself a breast cancer survivor, wrote her journey in one of her Instagram posts.

She added that when she thought that she was free from cancer, it only returned five years after to spread to her backbone and liver. After undergoing a series of chemotherapy sessions, she finally recovered in December 2018.

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