There Is a Cure for Blood Cancer, But Affordability Is the Concern


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A leading doctor at the Intermountain Blood & Marrow Transplant Program at the world-famous LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City claims that there is no greater relief than bringing hope to the patients suffering from blood cancers including leukemia & lymphoma. The doctor throughout the 23-year experience in the field of offering expert medical services at the LDS Hospital claims that there is a cure for blood cancer in the form of cord blood & bone marrow transplants. However, the government needs to make it affordable to ensure the ease of offering services by the medical care teams.

Without proper help from the Congress, it is not possible for the patients suffering from specific cancers including blood cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer, and so more to undergo the complex, expensive procedures that they need to survive.

This is the sad situation of the modern healthcare system run by the government through decade-long impractical federal policy. Under this policy, cord blood & bone marrow transplants are treated separately from the other solid organs. Unlike the patients who might require the heart or lung transplant, the federal policy does not aim at covering the costs for the searching & cell acquisition for patients suffering from blood cancer.

As a result of this, several hospitals & healthcare units across Utah & nearby regions are going on a major loss of thousands of dollars upon each cellular transplant that is performed on the patients suffering from blood cancer. As cord blood & bone marrow transplants are not properly reimbursed by the government, most of the hospitals are forced to take up the unacceptable choice between suffering major losses or not offering the complex cellular transplant treatments all over. To ensure the hospitals running, most of them go for choosing the latter option.