The No. 1 Reason For CANCER – According to Scientists

A new study has revealed that your diet might be associated with the overall cancer risk. As such, the experts recommend that it is vital to pay attention to the diet on a daily basis.

The reports of the study was published in the journal named JNCI Cancer Spectrum. The results stated that around 80,110 new cancer patients aged 20 years or above have been associated with cancer due to poor diets in the United States.

Results of the Study

Dr. Fang Fang Zhang –a leading cancer and nutrition epidemiologist at Tufts University, Boston, says, “The proportion of the young individuals having cancer due to poor diets is equivalent to around 5.2 percent of all the invasive cancer cases that are newly diagnosed across the United States in the recent years.”

She added that the given proportion is quite comparable to that of the cancer burden that has been attributable to alcohol consumption.

The Study

In the given study, the team of researchers has evaluated as many as 7 dietary factors including lower intake of fruits & veggies, dairy products, whole grains, along with the higher intake of red meats, processed meats, sugary beverages including coke, and so more. Zhang added that the consumption of a low-grain diet has been associated with the maximum cancer burden in the entire United States. This factor is followed by higher intake of sugary-based sweetened beverages, processed meat & red meats, lower intake of fruits & veggies, and dairy intake.

The given study involved the presentation of data based on the dietary intake of adults in the USA. The study came from the leading National Health & Nutrition Examination Survey, along with data on the incidence of national cancer cases from the Disease Control & Prevention Centers of the United States.

The team of researchers found that rectal as well as colon cancers, tend to have the highest number of cases related to poor diet causes –as much as 38.3 percent. The researchers say that more study and in-depth research is required towards determining a similar association between time periods and cancer cases in the United States. The researchers also ask people to focus more on ensuring a healthy diet.

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