The Importance of Diet & Nutrition in Chronic Health Conditions


While dealing with chronic health conditions, the first thing that comes to mind is the effective therapy towards addressing such chronic diseases. In addition to the available range of therapies, the other factors that play a vital role in curing, preventing, and controlling the chronic health conditions including diet & nutrition.

What and how much you eat on a daily basis can help in making or breaking your respective chronic health conditions. In case you do not have any chronic health condition, maintaining your overall diet & nutrition under control can help in preventing you from one.

Here are some of the common chronic diseases and how diet & nutrition can play a major role in addressing them:

  • Diabetes: Some of the major risk factors associated with Type 2 Diabetes include genetics, race, and age. However, 90 percent of the patients who have diabetes are overweight or obese. Studies reveal that by bringing about positive changes in one’s lifestyle including increasing daily physical activity & weight loss, can delay or prevent the development of the chronic disease.


  • Cancer: A recent study reveals that a healthy diet supplemented with lots of fresh fruits & vegetables can help in reducing the risks of breast & prostate cancer.


  • Obesity: Obesity or being overweight turns out to be a major health concern. As such, taking effective steps towards controlling your diet and managing your overall fitness can play a major role in controlling your weight & overall well-being.


  • Cardiovascular Diseases: Consuming an unhealthy diet filled with saturated & trans fat with a lack of fruits & vegetables could lead to a wide range of cardiovascular diseases.


  • Dental Diseases: Limiting the consumption of acids & sugars in food could offer protection to the potential dental diseases.