The Cure For Testicular Cancer

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  • Painless lump or swelling in the testicle
  • Sudden discomfort in the testicle
  • Pain in the lower back, groin or abdomen
  • Sudden accumulation of fluid in the scrotum
  • Tiredness and fatigue



The treatment depends on the severity and the type of testicular cancer. Here is a list of some of the treatments that are currently being used in the cure for testicular cancer.




During this procedure, the surgeons make small incisions in the groin in order to remove the testicle. This is done to prevent the spreading of the tumor.

Lymph node surgery:

This surgery is done when cancer reaches the lymph nodes. The surgeons surgically remove the lymph nodes in the abdomen and the chest.


High energy X-rays and radiations are used to damage the cancer cells. During radiotherapy, the DNA inside the tumor cells gets damaged. The main aim behind the radiotherapy is to prevent the recurrence of the cancer. However, radiotherapy can cause certain side-effects.


During this process, chemicals are used to destroy the cancer cells. This therapy is usually given to the patients with advanced cancer. It is given either orally or through injection.

Testosterone replacement therapy:

The patient is given the testosterone in the form of injection, skin rub or gel, during this therapy. This treatment has mild side effects.

Testicular cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in men. Research is being done to find out the latest treatments that can help in the cure of testicular cancer.

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