The Cure for Stomach Cancer

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Stomach cancer is treated according to the stage of cancer the patient is suffering from.

Let us take a look at some of the treatments being used currently for the cure for stomach cancer:



A number of chemotherapy drugs are used individually and in combination to treat stomach cancer. Chemo is also being given to patients in new ways. Chemo drugs are being directly infused into the abdomen to check if this has lesser side–effects. Chemo is also being tried in combination with radiation, immunotherapy, and targeted therapies.

Targeted Drugs

Targeted drugs are more effective than chemotherapy and have less severe side-effects.

Drugs that Block HER2:

Certain stomach cancers have HER2 protein on the cell surface. Trastuzumab(Herceptin) is being used to block HER2. Drugs such as lapatinib, pertuzumab, and trastuzumab emtansine are under study.

Drugs that block EFGR:

The EFGR protein is also found on the cell surface of some cancer cells. Panitumumab is a drug that is being used to treat various other types of cancer is being tested for the cure of stomach cancer.

Besides these, there are other drugs that are being researched. Research is also being done to check if targeted drugs can be used effectively in combination with chemotherapy.


This is the method by which the immune system of the body is enabled to fight cancer with the help of drugs. Pembroluzimab was the first immunotherapy drug used in 2017 as a cure for stomach cancer.</p.

Although stomach cancer is a painful affliction, the good news is that it cancer can be treated. There are numerous treatments being used currently. Research is being done to find newer methods to cure stomach cancer.

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