The cure for Pancreatic Cancer

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Below, let’s have a look at some commonly used treatments in the cure for pancreatic cancer:


Irreversible Electroporation

Under the Irreversible electroporation technique, strong electrical signals are passed directly through the tumor for the removal of soft tissue. Sometimes, the procedure is also carried out together with the radiation and thermal associated procedures. Electroporation is considered effective as it completely paralyzes the pancreas tumor.


A surgery for the cure for pancreatic cancer involves the tissue ablation around the tumor. The procedure may also lead to the removal of all the parts of the pancreas. Before surgery, oncologists perform a study to get an idea about the tumor size and structure and what blood vessels are being affected by it.


Chemo drugs are being used to prevent the quick growth of cancer cells. During Chemotherapy, drug methods vary – either they are given individually or in a mixture of multiple.


Radiation therapy is being performed on a pancreatic cancer patient by passing a beam of radiations through the tumor. Sometimes, radiation therapy is given just with the chemotherapy to boost its effect on pancreatic cancer. The combination of these two therapies sporadically shrink the cancer

Undoubtedly, pancreatic cancer is too painful. There are a variety of procedures developed currently for the cure for pancreatic cancer.

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