The cure for Melanoma Cancer

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Few things which can prevent Melanoma cancer:

  • Minimize the exposure to skin.
  • Apply sunscreen to avoid your exposure to UV (Ultraviolet) rays.
  • Reduce both natural sunlight and artificial sources.
  • Use sunglasses to protect your eyes and wear a hat to shade your face from the sun.
  • Eat nutritious foods and avoid unhealthy lifestyles.
  • Avoid constant bleaching of skin.

When anybody comes to this type of skin cancer, early detection is important as it is potentially fatal. And the treatment procedure depends on the stage.

Some of the methods being used for the cure of melanoma cancer are:


Surgical treatment is the oldest option to treat skin cancer. It involves the removal of the tumor in order to stem the cancer spread.


Chemotherapy introduces specific cancer-combating drugs in the body. These drugs kill the cancer cells by hampering their development and regeneration.

Radiation Therapy

This treatment uses x-rays to kill the cancer-causing cells using new radiation techniques.


It aims at enhancing the body’s immune system which brings fewer side effects than other methods.


In Hyperthermia, the whole body is subjected to high temperatures to destroy or weaken cancer cells.

Photodynamic Therapy

It involves the laser beam technology to kill the cancer cell. This treatment is relatively painless and entails fewer risks and side effects than other treatment forms.

These were some of the methods which can help those seeking treatment for the cure of Melanoma cancer.

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