The Cure for Colorectal Cancer

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Poor diet, lack of proper exercise, the presence of inflammatory bowel disease, some types of polyps and family history with colorectal cancer are associated with higher risk of development of colorectal cancer.

The treatment and seeking the Cure for Colorectal Cancer depends on the stage of the disease. Early stages of colorectal cancers can be treated with surgery alone, while later stages of colorectal cancer need surgery followed by chemotherapy with or without radiation treatment. At early stages, the cure for colorectal cancer is possible, but if detected at later stages, it is less likely to be curable.


Some forms of cancers require surgical removal if the section of colon containing the tumor leaves sufficient margins to decrease the likelihood of re-growth. Surgical treatment is most likely to give a positive outcome in a cure of cancer if the tumor is localized. Cancer develops within a polyp can be cured by removing the polyp at the time of colonoscopy.


Chemotherapy is often applied after surgery or as the primary therapy if surgery is not indicated. It is given directly into the liver and in some cases, it may be recommended before surgery.

Radiation Therapy:

Radiation therapy is used to kill the tumor and is not used routinely for the cure of colorectal cancer, as it can lead to radiation enteritis, and is difficult to target specific portions of the colon, but may be used on metastatic tumor deposits if they compress vital structures or cause pain.

The diagnosis of usually results in a drastic change in the patient’s psychological well-being. So various support resources are also available from hospitals and other agencies providing counseling and other services to the patients to make them get well soon.

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