The Cure For Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a condition when there is an uncontrolled growth in the number of cells in the breast. These cells result in the formation of a tumor or a lump which can be detected in an X-ray.

The treatment of breast cancer depends on various factors such

  • Stage of the tumor
  • Patient’s age
  • General health
  • Menopausal status

Treatment options for breast cancer

These are some of the treatment options for breast cancer.


Surgery is the most common form of treatment of breast cancer. During this process, the tumor is removed. Lumpectomy, partial mastectomy, radical mastectomy, reconstruction etc. are some of the surgical ways to cure breast cancer.


During this treatment, a combination of drugs is used to either destroy cancer cells or slow down their growth.

Radiation therapy

High energy rays are used to destroy cancer cells. This therapy affects only the cells that are treated with radiation.

Hormone therapy

This therapy is done only when the cancer cells have hormone receptors. Hormone therapy drugs such as blockers and inhibitors may be prescribed by the doctor. These types of drugs can help to destroy cancer cells by cutting off their supply of the hormone

Targeted therapy

It is a new technique of treating breast cancer. Targeted therapy is an effective treatment which focuses on attacking only the specific breast cells without causing any harm to the normal process.

Nutrition and physical activity:

It is very important for you to take care of your health during and after your breast cancer treatment. You should take a healthy diet and perform regular exercises to keep yourself fit and healthy.

These treatment options can help to provide a cure for breast cancer.

With the advancement of technology, new and new ways are being developed to find the cure for breast cancer. The traditional treatment methods are being replaced by new methods which are less harmful and have minimal side-effects.

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