Teen Who Refused Getting Cancer Treatment During Pregnancy Passes Away

A teen who refused to receive any cancer treatment during her pregnancy to save her baby passes away.This is a tragic report of a teen who refused to get treated for cancer in order to save her baby passed away. Dana Scatton realized she was pregnant when she was 17 years old.

At the same time, she also found out that she had an inoperable form of brain tumor. As the doctors would have suggested, she chose the opposite of undergoing a radiation therapy right away. Radiation therapy would have potentially prolonged her life. However, Dana decided to delay the treatment in order to protect her unborn baby. Dana gave birth to her child in January –just a few days before turning 18.

The Sad News of Dana Passing Away

The Facebook page of Dana Scatton declared that sadly due to the lack of proper treatment of her cancer, Dana had passed away last week. The post was shared on Facebook by Dana’s family. The family announced that on a fresh morning –just after 4 am, Dana left them to be with the lord. As the family claims, Dana was a truly passionate, caring, loving, and affectionate mother while also being a great daughter, sister, friend, and cousin to all those who knew her.

A Great Inspiration

Scatton who was one of the nine children to her parents, has inspired many around her by spreading the message of unconditional love and focus on God above everything. The family further said that she dared to face the fear of death and kept smiling back –the power only God can instill upon any individual. She continued fighting like some of the toughest warriors and did the same with immense valor and strength.

As per the reports of Live Action, Dana was diagnosed with DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma) when she was 17 years of age and was seven months pregnant at the same time. At the moment, Dana was given 3-9 months to live. The doctors stated that the individuals who are diagnosed with DIPG tend to die within 18 months of the diagnosis.

While immediate treatment could have helped Dana prolong her life, the radiation from the treatment could have caused dangers to her unborn child. As such, Dana decided to wait for as long as possible to commence the treatment. Dana gave birth to her daughter named Aries in January this year.

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