Teen Mom and Newborn Dies After Delaying Her Cancer Treatment to Save Her Child

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It is heartbreaking to reveal the report of a teen mom and her newborn child die after the teen refused to get treated for cancer to save her son.

Brianna Rawlings –a 19-year-old mother, died from leukemia just months after she lost her newborn son. After realizing that she had leukemia while she was pregnant, Brianna denied getting treated for cancer to save her child. However, things did not go her way, and both the mother & the newborn child lost their lives to the cancer fight.

Brianna’s Sad Story

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Brianna Rawlings -a 19-year-old young girl from Sydney, Australia, was able to spend just 12 days with her newborn son whom she had named Kyden. However, Kyden succumbed to death within just 12 days of his birth –he was a premature baby who was born at just 26 weeks of pregnancy in September. The information regarding Brianna and Kyden were published on a page named GoFundMe by Brianna’s family. Brianna was diagnosed with leukemia. However, she decided to delay her cancer treatment involving intense chemotherapy sessions –only to save her son and bring him to this world untouched by illness.

Brianna’s Sad Fate

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Brianna’s close friends and family members wrote on the page stating that she did not think twice before choosing her son’s life over her life. She wanted to fight for her son’s life as much as possible. However, things only turned the opposite in her case. After Kyden’s death within 12 days of his birth, Brianna underwent intense chemotherapy sessions along with the radiation therapy and a cell transplant. However, all the treatments could not succeed in keeping her alive. On 29th December, Brianna died as she remained surrounded by her broken friends and family members.

Later in an update, her family wrote that the beautiful Brianna reached the end of the journey with them and got reunited with her son. When Brianna was diagnosed with deadly leukemia, she was just 17 weeks pregnant. She contracted some infection that might have passed to the child. Therefore, she decided to give birth three months prior to the due date through an emergency C-section.

While it might appear disheartening, it is quite inspiring to observe cancer patients living up to the expectations of their family and friends while fighting the condition bravely.

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