Teacher Used to Run Out of Sick Days for Staying with His Cancer-Stricken Daughter, What happened next?

David Green –a history teacher, was awarded 100 days of leave from his colleagues as he used to run his sick days to be with his cancer-stricken daughter.

David Green –a History teacher by profession, was donated as many as 100 days of leave by his colleagues at work. They were surprised how David used to run his sick days of leave to visit and be with his daughter who was diagnosed with cancer. David has a 16-month-old daughter who was recently diagnosed with cancer. David –a History teacher at the Mae Jemison High School, was now not left with many sick days leaves as he had already utilized most of them for staying with his daughter Kinsley. His daughter, Kinsley, is currently undergoing cancer treatment around 100 miles from David’s home and she needs his support to the maximum possible time.

Fellow Colleagues Helping David

Given his fate, the colleagues at David’s school thought of donating their sick day leaves –adding up to 100 days in total. Megan Green –Kinsley’s mother, reveals that they were shocked with the wonderful and encouraging response that they received from the colleagues with respect to the sick day leaves. It has indeed turned out to be a huge blessing, and we can only wait to be in a position to give the same back to help others in times of need.

Kinsley’s Case

Kinsley –their 16-month-old daughter, was recently diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia around 6 months ago. Since then, she has been receiving treatment. She is still to have around 3-4 months of undergoing the inpatient treatment. However, she will remain in her full-time treatment for the upcoming two years.

Green receives a single day of sick day leave from his school. The Green family required as many as 40 days. Therefore, Green’s wife decided to post their condition on Facebook and observe whether or not the teachers were willing to come up and donate a single sick day out of their leaves. The couple was surprised at the response and is thankful to those who have donated their sick days to allow Green to be with his ailing daughter.

This is a moment of great inspiration to others who might be going through the same condition. It is a great feeling when others come over to help in such a crucial condition.

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