Tanya Jones –Wife of Vinnie Jones, Dies at 53 After a 6-Year Cancer Battle

Tanya Jones –the wife of the famous footballer and a film star Vinnie Jones, recently died at the age of 53 after battling cervical cancer and skin cancer separately for six years.

Vinnie Jones –the leading footballer and a film star, suffered a major setback recently when he lost his beloved wide, Tanya Jones, to cancer after her 6-year battle with cervical cancer and skin cancer separately.

A statement was released from Jones’s management, saying that at 8:46 am in Los Angeles on 6th July, Tanya Jones, wife of Vinnie Jones, passed away after her prolonged illness. Tanya passed away peacefully at the family home of Jones. She was surrounded by close ones, including Vinnie, their daughter, and other close family members.

Tanya Jones’s Suffering

A close source to the Jones family revealed that over the last few weeks, the condition of Tanya Jones had worsened. It was in the year 2013 that the Jones couple revealed that both of them were having melanoma –the most advanced form of skin cancer.

At the age of 21, Tanya had also undergone an emergency heart transplant. In addition to melanoma, she had also received treatment for cervical cancer twice. After finding a lump under his eyes, Vinnie came to know that he had malignant melanoma. Soon after, Tanya developed the same condition, and the couple started its fight with cancer.

Tanya’s Death –a Heartbreaking Moment for the Family

A close family source added that Tanya had been suffering for quite a while. However, during the last 2-3 weeks, her condition had started deteriorating at a rapid pace. Vinnie, who was in the United Kingdom, had flown to Los Angeles to be with his wife.

Vinnie and Tanya got married in 1994 at Watford. Later on, they moved to Los Angeles. This was when Vinnie Jones –who was a former footballer, decided to try his luck at acting. Vinnie made the film debut in 1998 at a crime comedy series by Guy Ritchie named “Stock & Two Smoking Barrels.” In the given series, he played the role of a mob fencer. Vinnie has also been recognized for his roles in the movies including X-Men –The Last Stand and Mean Machine.

Recently, Vinnie was supposed to be a part of the show “X-Factor” the coming autumn. However, given his current conditions, the course might change now.

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