Study Reveals that Lifting Weights can Reduce the Cancer Risk by Around 25 Percent

A new study reveals that lifting weights can help in reducing the overall risks of developing cancer by as much as 25 percent.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, there is something good in store for you. While there are several benefits of lifting weights and heavy weight training, a new study has revealed that it can also aid in reducing the overall cancer risk by as much as 25 percent. There are several health benefits of lifting heavy weights. Some include warding off heart diseases, improving blood sugar levels, building bones, powering up hills, and preventing the belly fat. However, for your surprise, you might even reduce the overall cancer risk by lifting weights on a daily basis.

New Study Emphasizing the Importance of Lifting Weights

A new study –the results of which were published in the leading journal “Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise,” recommends that weightlifting might be strongly linked to reducing the overall risks of developing colon cancer. Colon cancer is regarded as the 2nd major cause of deaths due to cancer amongst men & women across the United States. In the all-new study, a team of researchers had mined relevant data from the study presented by the NIH-AARP Diet & Health towards observing how weightlifting tends to affect the risks for the most common types of cancers. The study report by the NIH-AARP Diet & Health is known to contain information regarding health, diet, and lifestyle collected from around 560,000 AARP members between 50-71 in age.

Results of the Study

The participants in the study were asked to fill up a questionnaire towards understanding the data. The researchers came up with the observation that strength and fitness training was successful in reducing the risks of developing colon cancer. The individuals who had the habit of lifting weights were at around 25 percent reduced risk of the most common cancer type in comparison to those who did not lift weights or undergoing training. Weightlifting has also been linked with reducing the risks of kidney cancer as well. The link between weightlifting and reduced cancer risk might be because lifting or strength training can help in promoting a phenomenon referred to as “glucose homeostasis.” This phenomenon helps in balancing glucagon and insulin for maintaining the blood sugar levels of the body.

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