Study Reveals How Cutting Bacon Off the Diet can Reduce Cancer by 40%


A new study reveals that avoiding bacon along with alcohol can have a significant impact on reducing the overall risks of developing cancer by around 40 percent.  The study by the World Cancer Research Fund sampled data from around 51 million individuals.  The results of the study suggested that even small quantities of processed meat and alcohol can increase the overall risks of developing cancers.

As per the study, obesity turns out to be a life-threatening situation that even overtakes smoking in being the “number one” factor with respect to the risks associated with cancer.  Evidence reveals that excessive body weight serves to be the major cause of around 12 types of cancer.  The analysis has linked obesity to being the root cause of liver, stomach, prostate, ovary, breast, mouth & throat, pancreas, kidney, and bowel cancers.

The results of the study are published in the journal named “European EU Congress on Obesity” in Vienna, Austria.  The recommendations of the study that are present suggest individuals to mostly drink unsweetened drinks and water in place of alcohol.  Moreover, people must also limit the intake of processed food items including foods high in fat content, fast food, sugars, and starches.

As per a recent report, it is stated that the number of new cancer cases is reported to have reached to around 24 million globally –up by around 58 percent by the time of 2035.  This is largely due to the fact of adapting to new, unhealthy lifestyles and obesity.  The research team in the study revealed that with some care, around 40 percent of cancers are easily preventable.   The report also states that avoiding tobacco of all forms along with adopting a proper diet, physical activity, and nutrition can help in reducing the overall risks of developing cancer significantly.  At the same time, it is also important to maintain a balanced body weight throughout.

The health experts suggest that only a small quantity of red meat should be included in the diet when preferred by the individuals.  Eat little (if any) of any kind of processed meat.  Eating a diet rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and beans can help in preventing cancers of all types.  Moreover, people should also aim at limiting the consumption of alcohol for effective cancer prevention.