Study Report Links Intake of Vitamin A to Lower Skin Cancer Risk

As per a study report from a team of researcher at the Brown University, people who used to take increased volumes of vitamin A in their regular diets had a lower risk of developing skin cancer in the long run.

Skin cancer –especially squamous cell carcinoma, appears hard to prevent. However, a recent study report by a team of researchers at the Brown University states that people who consumed higher volumes of Vitamin A-rich diets on a regular basis, were known to have a reduced risk of developing skin cancer in the long run. The study was led by Professor Eunyoung Cho –the Professor of epidemiology & dermatology at Brown University. In this study report, Professor Cho added that consumption of Vitamin A is considered as vital for the overall growth as well as the maturation of skin cells.

The Study Involving Vitamin A

The researchers at Brown University analyzed data from their long-term observational studies, namely “The Nurses’ Health Study.” The study involved as many as 121,700 women in the United States of America from the period of 1984 to 2012. At the same time, another study named Health Professionals Follow-up Study had involved as many as 51,529 men in the United States from the period of 1986 to 2012.

In the given study, it was found that around 123,000 participants were white (therefore, they had a higher risk of developing skin cancer), and witnessed no prior history of developing cancer and even completed their dietary reports various times. The studies involving men & women also inquired them about the hair color, family history of developing skin cancer, and the total number of severe sunburns they had experienced during their lives.

Results of the Study

After the observation of the participants of the study with the levels of vitamin A, the researchers came to know that people who had the highest intake of Vitamin A on a regular basis were 17 percent less likely to develop skin cancer in the long run than those who had the lowest level of the intake of Vitamin A.

Researchers also found that most of Vitamin A came directly from the diets of the individuals –especially fruits & veggies in comparison to animal-based food items or vitamin A supplements. Therefore, it becomes vital to increased one’s intake of Vitamin A on a regular basis.

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