Stubborn Pancreatic Cancer Cells


Pancreatic cancer has been killing people since decades and no effective treatment was found for the pancreatic cancer cells which possess austerity. Arctigenin was discovered by Nepali Academy. Suresh Awale became very happy at this, as he was a member of the academy.

Awale belongs to Nepal and believes in traditional medicines. He wishes to go to Nepal and research there. He wants Nepal to come forward in progress as according to him Nepal can offer more than Germany and Japan could.

Now Awale leads a pioneer team of international chemists who are busy in cancer research. The recent discovery of Nepali team would provide great development in cancer research. An Alkaloid found in Congolese plant has been discovered that can inhibit pancreatic cancer growth.

Recently Awale worked in collaboration with Gerhard Bringmann and found a drug that could fight against the austerity of pancreatic cancer cells. The compound is named as “Ancistrolikokin E3” that is found from plant Ancistrocladus likoko, found in rainforests of Congo. Awale says that “Pancreatic cells are strange.” He said this because pancreatic cancer cells survive in conditions which are normally fatal for cancer cells.

The drug showed unbelievable effects and created exciting possibilities but still, it couldn’t fight austerity of pancreatic cancer cells even after slowing cancer growth. Austerity is defined as the ability of cancer cells to live under extreme conditions where there are low oxygen and nutrient supply.

Awale and his team want support from the government of Japan and Germany as research is owned by them. Pharmaceutical companies are also expected to take initiative.