Stop Eating Instant Noodles! They Can Result In Stroke and Cancer Risks

Do you love instant noodles? Well, everyone does! However, a team of scientists has warned people to stop eating instant noodles upon its association with increased risks of cancer and strokes.

While you might love eating instant noodles on the go, a team of scientists has recently warned people who love the same. This is because continuous consumption of instant noodles has been associated with increased risks of strokes or cancers. There are studies that demonstrate the fact that eating noodles has been linked with increased blood pressure, heart attack, strokes, and even cancer. Now, you can look forward to having some nutritious and healthy for your snack time.

Relation of Instant Noodles & Cancer Risk

While Americans tend to comprehend instant noodles –like Ramen noodles. However, Japanese Ramen is not even the slightest extent a cheap dish to try out. As per the latest study, instant noodles have been observed to be high on sodium content along with calories fat as they are being intensively prepared. The study also reveals that nothing inside the attractive packaging of instant noodles is good for your body. In fact, most of its content is unsafe for your body. A particular aspect of the instant noodles that was found the most detrimental was the presence of TBHQ –tertiary-butyl hydroquinone. It is a type of synthetic additive that has been known to cause malignancy in some cases.

TBHQ –the Cancer-Causing Agent in Ramen Noodles

In most cases, TBHQ gets added to the food materials towards expanding the overall shell life of the same in secure packaging. TBHQ is usually found in cheap food items –typically utilized on oily and fatty foods. TBHQ has proven in multiple studies to be highly toxic when consumed in larger dosages. However, the fact does not prevent the same from being utilized in small portions by a majority of the food manufacturing companies –irrespective of how harmful they might turn out in the long run.

Studies reveal that consuming around 1 gram of TBHQ through foods like Ramen noodles and others is responsible for causing undesirable responses to the body. As much as 5 grams of TBHQ can lead to several deadly outcomes. Instant noodles have been observed to pose much greater health risks –including cancer risks than TBHQ when taken in large quantities.

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