Six Top Herbs & Spices for Helping to Prevent Cancer

Our kitchen is full of herbs as well as spices delivering the assurance of treating a wide range of diseases – including cancer. Know about them!

Even a single dash of some of the exotic herbs & spices in your food can transform its entire taste as well as the aroma. While most of the herbs & spices tend to be aromatic and full of unique taste, they are also known for their health benefits. In addition to treating a myriad of diseases out there, some of these have been associated with preventing cancer, as well.

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Since prevalent times, the herbs and spices in our kitchens have enjoyed the luxury of being termed as “taste-enhancers.” While they pose unique taste enhancement characteristics, most of them are also famous for their exclusive medicinal properties. The rising occurrences of chronic diseases across the world, along with the corresponding rise in the overall costs of modern health care has been propelling major interests amongst the medical researchers as well as the public for unfolding the unique health benefits of these food items –including the prevention of cancer. A rising number of preclinical, as well as epidemiological evidence has proven that culinary herbs, as well as spices, can help in supporting a myriad of anti-cancer properties.

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Top Herbs & Spices for Cancer Prevention

Some of our top picks are:

  • Turmeric: Turmeric is the staple spice that is found in almost every household out there. It is famous as curry powder and yellow in color. Turmeric is known to contain “Curcumin” – the compound responsible for the characteristic yellow color of the spice. Over time, researchers from all around the world have proven the myriad of benefits of Curcumin when consumed on a regular basis.

Curcumin is famous for its rich anti-oxidant properties. Cancer tumors are known to possess a network of interconnected blood vessels that continuously feed them. Curcumin in turmeric is capable of working against these blood vessels while essentially choking the cancer cells such that they eventually die. The overall medicinal property or power of curcumin gets strengthened when mixed with black pepper and olive oil. Having a mild and pleasant flavor, turmeric can be used as a famous spice for improving the overall taste of your dishes. A single spoonful or even two teaspoons can also be added to your soup or broth – not only for improving its taste & aroma but also for ensuring potential health benefits.

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  • Garlic: In addition to shallots, onions, leeks, and scallions, garlic is yet another famous allium vegetable that is known for its potential range of health benefits – including preventing cancer in the long run. Garlic has been associated with the prevention of various types of cancers – especially stomach cancer. Allium vegetables, including garlic, are known to feature organosulfur compounds. This is the compound that is responsible for the feeling of eye-tearing when these are chopped upped.

The compound organosulfur has been associated with possessing anti-carcinogen as well as immune-strengthening properties. Garlic is used around the kitchens of the world due to its versatile cooking capabilities. Whether you saute garlic in a teaspoon of olive oil or bake it or even make a spread out of it, there are several ways to add this delicious vegetable to your daily diet. Enjoy its aromatic flavor along with the health benefits offered by the same.

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  • Ginger: Another strong weapon that is commonly found in every household is the kitchen staple “ginger.” Fresh ginger is known to contain gingerol. At the same time, dried ginger is known to form a compound named zingerone. Both gingerol and zingerone are known to possess anti-inflammatory characteristics. Therefore, they are believed to be highly effective in preventing cancer in the long run.

You can store ginger in the freezer. Later on, simply grate it into rice or lentils while cooking the same. As you steep in thin slices of ginger into hot, boiling water for around 10 to 15 minutes, it can help in creating a calming tea that helps in treating nausea along with minimizing the overall risks of developing cancer.

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  • Black Pepper: While it is a berry, this herb or common kitchen spice is famous for its potential range of health benefits. Black pepper is known to contain Piperine – an active component that is a naturally-occurring substance having strong antioxidant properties.

A study conducted by a team of researchers at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer studied the anti-cancer effects of black pepper. The results of the study got published in a leading journal named “Breast Cancer Research & Treatment.” The results of the study revealed that pepper, when combined with turmeric, helped in inhibiting the growth of cancerous stem cells present in breast cancer tumors.

At the same time, the study observed that the herb did not destroy the healthy cells of the body. In addition to its health benefits, black pepper is utilized all around the world to add intense flavors to a wide range of dishes – right from scrambled eggs to casseroles, tomato soups, and so more. Moreover, it is a tasty, healthy alternative to the common table salt.

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A recent study was conducted by a team of researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles School of Medicine. The results of the study revealed that capsaicin helped in inhibiting the overall growth of prostate cancer cells with even having the power of killing them at the same time. While fighting cancer effectively, cayenne pepper is also known to add a great taste to a host of food items. You can try it on popcorn or create a dip to spice up the snacks, mix it with other hot spices to create a delicious curry, and so more.

Unveil the potential of the common herbs as well as spices around you to prevent cancer and lead a healthy life!

Improving your eating habits can give you hope!

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