Signs and Symptoms of Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid cancer takes place in the cells of the thyroid. The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland which is present at the base of your neck, just below your Adam’s apple. It releases the hormones that direct many functions in your body, including how you use energy, how you produce heat and how you consume oxygen. If signs and symptoms of thyroid cancer are caught early, then it can be treated.

Let’s have a detailed look at the signs and symptoms of thyroid cancer:

Lump in the neck

All thyroid nodules are not big enough to cause a noticeable lump. Some may notice a lump in the front of their neck. Other may notice a lump in the neck while swallowing. The most common way to detect the cancer is to perform a thyroid exam.

Swollen lymph node

Thyroid cancer can reach the lymph nodes, which are scattered throughout your body to help you fight infection. The lymph nodes in your neck become swollen when you have a cold or a sore throat.

Hoarse voice

Thyroid gland usually sits just below the larynx more commonly known as the voice box. A thyroid nodule may be pressing on the voice box, causing hoarseness or voice change.

Difficulty in swallowing or breathing

The thyroid is on top of your trachea. Developing thyroid cancer may put force on the trachea, making breathing more difficult. The oesophagus is below your trachea, so developing thyroid cancer can cause trouble while swallowing.

Neck pain

Pain is usually a hint that something in your system isn’t working quite as it should. If neck pain lasts longer than a few weeks, you should consult a doctor.

Throat pain

If you have throat pain that won’t go away, you should go to see a doctor. It’s a possible symptom of thyroid cancer.
The signs and symptoms of thyroid cancer are not easy to detect. And usually, the noticeable symptoms are caused by the thyroid nodule where the thyroid cancer is developing. If you notice any of these symptoms make an appointment with your doctor immediately.

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