Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Strong pain in your breast might be because there is something serious. Noticing such sort of symptoms at early stages can help you avoid further complications like fighting cancer at the last stage. In addition to the breast lump and pain, there are numerous other signs and symptoms that are associated with breast cancer. Though breast cancer normally does not show symptoms at the initial stage, timely detection can twirl the tale of breast cancer into a strong survivor’s story. Therefore, gaining some knowledge on them can help you allay the threat of losing your life.

Here, let’s have a glimpse at different signs and symptoms of breast cancer:

Nipple Discharge

A patient with breast cancer may feel discharge from the nipple. The discharge can be thick or thin and can also vary in color such as red, yellow, green or milky.

Variations in the texture of the skin

Due to breast cancer, skin cells can go through inflammation and changes, resulting in texture changes.

Texture variations can be:

  • Scaly skin around the area of areola and nipple, it may seem extremely dry or like sunburn
  • Itching or thickening of skin any part of the breast


Skin dimpling is also considered as a sign of an aggressive form of breast cancer. Cancer cells can lead to the building of lymph fluid in the breast, which cause pitted skin, swelling or dimpling.

Lymph node variations

Breast cancer also affects the lymph nodes which contain immune system tissue that sieves fluid and capture harmful cells, including cancer cells, viruses, and bacteria.

Nipple inversion or retraction

Breast cancer causes numerous cell variations behind the nipple, which further leads to nipple reversing and inverting inward within the breast. The patient’s breast may appear different in size.


A patient with breast cancer can sense swelling around the area of the breast. The swelling may also lead to a change from the normal breast size.
These are the most common signs and symptoms of breast cancer. Various successful techniques have been designed to identify breast cancer at first stage. So, once you notice any of these symptoms in your body, approach a professional oncologist.

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