Signs and Symptoms of Brain Cancer

Undoubtedly, cancer is devastating! Anyone can experience chills even while reading the cancer survival stories. However, science has made some incredible discoveries regarding the treatment of various types of cancer. Despite the technological advancements, the exact factors causing the cancer are still unknown for many types of cancer and brain cancer is one of them.

Brain cancer is classified as:

Primary Cancer
Primary cancer is developed in the within the brain cells. This type of brain tumor is classified by the type of cell or tissue affected and its location.
Secondary Cancer
Secondary cancer is the type of cancer that is developed elsewhere in the body and spreads to the brain.
With the advancement of medication and treatment approaches it is now possible to detect and follow effective cancer treatment. However, one must be aware of the signs and symptoms of the type of cancer for timely identification. Brain cancer signs and symptoms vary with respect to the type, size, and location in the brain.

Some of the general Signs and Symptoms of Brain Cancer include:

Variation in Headache
Worse headache is one of the common symptoms that affect most of the people. A tumor is likely to put much pressure on the sensitive nerves which result in new or change in old headache pattern, like having a persistent pain but not like a migraine or heaviness and pain in the morning.
A seizure is considered as the first sign of tumor and around half of the people with brain tumors experience at least one seizure. Brain tumors might have some pressure on the nerve cells in the brain which can result in the interference with electrical signals and result in a seizure.
Mood swings
Brain tumors are known to disrupt the brain functioning that overall affects the personality as well as behavior.
Memory loss
Memory problems can also occur due to a tumor in the frontal or temporal lobe. If the tumor is in the frontal lobe, it can affect the reasoning as well as the decision-making.
Due to the brain tumor, one can experience completely exhausted all the time. It may also result in a reduced ability to maintain the concentration.
Depression is one of the most common symptoms among people diagnosed with brain cancer. One might feel the sadness that would last longer even in normal situations.
During the early stages of a brain tumor, one may have nausea and vomiting due to the hormonal imbalance. These signs could also be the side effects of the cancer treatment methods during the treatment.

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