Should Cancer Patients be Eating Chocolates? You’ll be Surprised!

While there are several speculations of eating chocolates, it is important to know about the merits & demerits of the same.

Everyone loves chocolates. While you might feel the craving to have your favorite chocolate, you might be skeptical of the same when it comes to your overall health. While there are tons of benefits of eating chocolates, you should also know whether or not you should eat chocolates on a daily basis. There are times when we are advised to eat not too much of it for decreasing the overall risks of developing cancer and heart diseases. However, you would be surprised to know that chocolates are not as bad as you would think.

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Benefits of Eating Chocolates

Should Cancer Patients Eat Chocolate Or Not

There have been studies that reveal that there are certain types of chocolates that are actually immensely beneficial to your overall health. Chocolate is known to contain a special chemical compound referred to as “flavonoids.” The same chemical compound is found in coffee beans as well. A flavonoid is a phytochemical compound rich with antioxidant properties that help in preventing or slowing the damage to the cells due to free radicals. As such, flavonoids can help in preventing major forms of cancers. A recent study was conducted for understanding the preventive effects of cocoa in case of cancer prevention & treatment. The results of the study reveal that cocoa along with its several polyphenols has been found to interfere during the initiation, progression, and promotion of cancer in the body. Importantly, there was yet another study that revealed that cocoa could help in reducing the overall inflammation present in the colon. This is possible because of the presence of the bioactive anti-inflammatory compound in cocoa. Additionally, further evidence suggests that there is a close interconnection between colorectal cancer and intestinal inflammation.

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Role of Chocolates in Better Health

While you might not have thought that chocolates can be immensely beneficial for your body, there are several reasons to believe the same. As per a study, due to its anti-inflammatory properties, chocolates can help in preventing cancer as well. However, if you wish to avail the health benefits of chocolates, it is recommended to eat dark chocolates that are rich in flavonoids. Dark chocolates are known to have around 60 percent cocoa content with minimal sugar content. The American Cancer Society and its experts suggest having dark chocolates with as much as 70 percent cocoa content.

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