Senate Confirms the Theory that Abortion Causes Cancer as Endorsed by the Trump Judge

Wendy Vitter –a judge at the Federal Bench of the Trump Administration, had recently promoted a brochure linking birth control to a form of “violent death.”

As the reports of the highly restrictive abortion laws are doing rounds across the United States and the world, Kay Ibey –Alabama Governor, has effectively put a ban on approximately all abortions that will be happening in the state –even in cases of incest or rapes. Lately, the State Senate at Missouri had passed a bill that outlaws abortions occurring at 8 weeks of pregnancy.

Hope for a Revolution

All such efforts are made in the hope that as the fight would reach the Supreme Court, the appointees of the Trump Administration including Brett Kavanaugh will be returning the favor through the rolling back of the right to choose by a woman.

Another such federal judge is Wendy Vitter, who was nominated by Trump almost a year ago. Lately, the Senate gave her vote officially towards giving her a lifetime seat on the administration’s federal bench. Vitter, who has also served as the general counsel for New Orleans Archdiocese since the year 2012, has shown her belief in the fact that abortion could lead to breast cancer. At a 2013 conference, Vitter had produced a brochure linking abortions to the development of breast cancer. The same brochure that Vitter produced also stated the fact that taking steps to birth control can also lead to liver cancers and cervical cancers.

Birth Control Could Lead to “Violent Deaths

Birth control methods of any type could lead to “violent deaths” as claimed by Vitter. This is because she believes that women taking contraceptive pills tend to prefer men having similar DNA. As such, women who are involved in such relationships or partnerships might have fewer sexual interactions –leading to increased adultery. This understandably leads to “violence.”

Individually, Vitter had also made an appearance at the rally of the anti-planned parenthood. In the given rally, she accused the given group being responsible for killing more than 150,000 females on an annual basis.

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