Scientists Think That Sharks can Help in Teaching Us How to Cure Cancer

Can sharks teach us how to cure cancers? Well, scientists think so! Let us know how!

While human beings consider themselves the most superior on this planet, there are other creatures as well that can teach us a lot about life. For instance, sharks are considered highly intelligent creatures that can teach us a lot, if we care to. Sharks are known to dominate the marine life for millions of years. They did not reach the top just by chance. Sharks are known to possess amazing biological capabilities –providing them an edge over other marine creatures, even human beings.

Research Explains How Sharks Impart Ample Knowledge

Research reveals that shark DNA is known to potentially hold the key to curing a myriad of human diseases –even cancers. However, before coming to the conclusion, it is important for scientists to observe the overall working of the genes of the sharks. In a new study that was conducted by a team of researchers from multiple institutions across the world, the genome of the great white shark was combined together, and then, the same was compared to that of the other species including the human beings. The team of researchers found out that around 50 percent of the genome of sharks was larger than that of human beings. Moreover, the genome of the great white shark also had strong built-in defenses that helped in boosting the overall survival rate of the creature naturally.

Critical Feature of the Shark’s DNA

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During the study, the researchers observed that one of the most critical features of the DNA of the sharks is that it tends to be highly resistant to damage in comparison to that of human beings. DNA damage in human beings has been associated with cancers and other forms of diseases. However, sharks tend to have a built-in defense mechanism that protects them from the same. In addition to this, the shark DNA has also been observed to be capable of repairing itself –something that human DNA is not capable of doing.

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By understanding and observing the mechanism of the way in which the genes of the great white sharks tend to defend against potential damage, the researchers are hopeful about coming up with new strategies for treating cancer.

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