Scientists Might Have Found a New Way to Destroy Cancer Cells Without Chemotherapy


There is no denying the fact that chemotherapy is one of the biggest criticisms out there.  However, as per a recent study, a team of researchers has come across a genetic “kill code” – possibly enabling the destruction of the cancer cells without the involvement of chemotherapy.  The novel therapy – referred to as the “downstream” of chemotherapy by the team of researchers at Northwestern might help in destroying the cancer cells without affecting the immune system of the body.

In the current scenario, no animal testing of the given therapy has been conducted yet.  However, scientists think that this revolutionary therapy could serve as the demise of chemotherapy.  The results of the research were published in the famous journal named “Nature Communications.”  A team of researchers at Northwestern University has come across the genetic “kill code” – aiding in the destruction of the cancer cells without involving the procedure of the painful chemotherapy.


In 2017, a team of researchers at Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine, led by Prof. Marcus E Peter, came across the discovery that every cell in the human body tends to have a unique code that can accelerate cell death.  As per the all-new study, the particular genetic kill code is available as vital information in RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) and microRNAs.   The presence of small RNA molecules can be responsible for killing the cancer cells – the procedure that is meant to be activated by the chemotherapy process.

Peter commented on the study, “Now that we are aware of the fact that there is a genetic kill code, it can help in triggering the mechanism of cancer cell death without using chemotherapy and without messing up with the body’s genome.

The team of researchers is yet to conduct its observation of animals.  Peter suggests that this knowledge can hopefully transform into a novel form of therapy for treating cancer.  Peter says that one of the biggest problems with chemotherapy is that as it triggers the release of the toxic RNAs into the body, this could lead to the occurrence of secondary cancers at the same time.  However, with the new study, Peter and his team of researchers are developing a type of “downstream” of chemotherapy that can help in minimizing the side-effects caused due to the destruction of the entire immune system of the body.