Scientists Make a Move Towards Cancer Vaccine

A team of scientists has come up with the revolutionary idea of an advanced cancer vaccine for the treatment of different types of cancers.

A team of scientists in New York has recently taken a promising move towards coming up with a revolutionary “vaccine” for cancer treatment. A small-level clinical trial was conducted at Mount Sinai Hospital, Manhattan. The results of the trial revealed that lymphoma patients who were given the particular “vaccine” treatment were able to recover successfully. In some cases, the patients also witnessed full-end remission for several months or even years. The results of the trials were presented in the leading journal named “Nature Medicine.”

The Immune-Boosting Vaccine

The vaccine treatment makes use of immune-boosting technology. This technology aims at teaching the body the ability to identify tumors. The technology kick-starts the dendritic cells of the body. In turn, these cells tend to activate the respective immune responses towards killing the cancer cells. Dr. Joshua Brody –a leading author of the study, states, “The immune-boosting vaccine tends to have a wide range of implications for different types of cancers out there. The given, innovative method might as well help in increasing the overall success of other types of immunotherapies.”

The Clinical Trial

Scientists working on Vaccine for Cancer

During the clinical trial, the specific vaccine-oriented method was applied on as many as 11 patients having an advanced form of lymphoma. In the given study, the team of researchers injected the vaccine directly into the cancer cells or masses. After this, the cancer was treated with a low dosage of radiation in addition to a stimulant for activating the immune cells.

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In most of the patients undergoing the specific treatment, the cancer tumors experienced shrinking. There were three other patients that witnessed remission as per the research. In the given three patients, the treatment was capable of shrinking the other cancer tumors across the respective bodies.

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The results of the particular study were successful enough for benefitting another trial being conducted on the patients having similar conditions. The researchers state that the treatment has turned out quite promising in the scenario of coming across effective cancer treatment. The vaccine treatment is now expected to be tested on larger clinical trials before the same gains approval from the FDA to be carried out on patients across the world.

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