Scientists Found How They Can Take Help from Viruses to Fight Cancer


Recently a virus has been discovered that could kill cancerous cells. It also kills the healthy cells which help to hide the tumor from the immune system of the body. This approach is aided by own system to target cells of the body and prevent cancer to occur again. Cancer cells are particularly killed but along this those cells which protect the cancerous cells and help them to hide from body’s immune system are also destroyed. It is necessary to kill them because they play a role in cancer growth again.

It was necessary to achieve complete devastation of the tumor which was made possible due to Dr. Kerry Fisher. Enadenotucirev belongs to group B adenoviruses which destroy cancer cells and cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAFs). One of the characteristics of the virus is that it inserts its parts in cell’s DNA which helps to produce numerous copies of this virus as the cell divides.

Viral Genes are inserted into the cell’s DNA and so adenovirus a stroma-targeted bispecific T-cell engager (BiTE). It binds to T-cells and CAFs. T-cells kill CAFs and disease could never occur again.

The effectiveness of the treatment has been tested in mice and humans as well. The basic aim of scientists was to hijack virus machinery. This was to make sure that expression of BiTE is only present in cancerous cells so virus may stimulate a robust T-cell response.

Scientists introduced this virus to bone marrow and succeeded in the attempt. Research is still in progress to see that whether the viruses could only fight cancer or help in its prevention as well. To study the complex interaction of this virus with the immune system, knowledge of immune system functioning and other physiological processes is required.