Scientists Find Lifestyle as the Most Major Factor Towards Reducing Cancer Risks


Lately, scientists have found out that lifestyle happens to be the most vital factor towards reducing the risks of developing cancer. In a recent study, a group of researchers studied the lifestyle recommendations by some of the leading health organizations towards emphasizing the most effective lifestyle habits that were helpful in lowering the overall risks of developing cancer & preventing cancers at the same time. The researchers looked at specific diseases including colorectal, breast, and prostate cancers.

The recent study was published in the Journal of Cancer Research referred to as the WCRF/AICR (World Cancer Research Fund/the American Institute for Cancer Research). In addition to not smoking, exercising daily and maintaining a healthy diet & weight are amongst the most vital factors to avoid cancer as per the study reports. A diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans along with minimum quantities of fast food, sugary drinks, red meat, and alcohol has been found to be the best solution. In addition to this, the study also suggests that the infants must be breastfed from time to time along with essential dietary supplements including vitamins & minerals to curb the risks.

For finding out the best diet that serves the most effective in reducing the overall risks, the team of researchers conducted in-depth studies on four distinct lifestyle recommendations. Every diet resulted in revealing the best results for lowering the risks of developing cancer. However, the diet recommended by WCRF/AICR had been designed by keeping in mind the best results towards preventing cancer and reducing the risks associated with the same, as per the study.

Talking about the general recommendations on the ways to reduce the risks of developing cancer, the researchers emphasized the importance of eating a healthy diet at all times.