Sanesha Naicker Named Leading Female Pioneer in Breast Cancer Research 2019

Sanesha Naicker –a leading award-winning researcher from South Africa, has been lately referred to as the “female pioneer” in the field of breast cancer research 2019.

Sanesha Naicker is an award-winning researcher from South Africa. She has been lately given the title of serving as the leading female pioneer in the field of breast cancer research in 2019. As per the survey conducted by the Global Health & Pharma (GHP) magazine, Sanesha has been delivering remarkable results when it comes to breast cancer research & awareness in 2019. Sanesha has also been an awardee in the field of Alternative Medicine & Holistic Health Awards by a reputed international magazine.

Sanesha and Her Research on GHP

GHP –Global Health & Pharma magazine says that the famous researcher Sanesha –who originally hails from Chatsworth, is a young, independent female pioneer who has delivered remarkable results with respect to breast cancer research worldwide. Throughout her research, Sanesha has been successful in driving major changes within the oncology market across the globe and providing aid in the understanding of cancer with the help of her work.

Sanesha has always been quite an ardent researcher and has won several awards for the same. She has also been honored by the prestigious International Journal of Palliative Nursing Awards, 2015. During this time, she was serving as the doctoral researcher and was undertaking a masters project on the topic dealing with young women having breast cancer. This task involved Sanesha traveling across remote villages in South Africa –where she had to face death as well at a time, for the purpose of gaining in-depth information from scratch.

Sanesha’s Achievement in Cancer Research

Naicker also went forward with winning two awards at the prestigious Divas of Color including the Leading Woman of the Year, 2018 & International Woman of the Year, 2018.

In an interview, Naicker told a leading newspaper that she contributed her success to God. She is on the journey to cancer research as she is fulfilling her grandmother’s dream in which she asked Sanesha to set new medical records. Sanesha was driven by the fact that breast cancer research was still not aimed at young women –the young population of women is mostly unaware of the signs of early detection of breast cancer.

Naicker’s achievements and research can help in setting a new benchmark in the course of breast cancer care & treatment across the world.

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