Sad News! Breast Cancer Survivor Dies From Corona Virus

Sundee Rutter, a single mother of six who survived Stage 4 breast cancer has died from the Covid-19 virus at the age of 42 in Snohomish County.
Family and friends remember as a warrior, but they never thought that Rutter’s life of beating the odds would end like this.

Rutter’s family said two weeks ago, she started feeling ill and went to the hospital, but was sent back home. A few days later, Rutter had trouble breathing along with fever. Her son took her to Providence Medical Center in Everett and she got hospitalized. She died after a week of fighting

“She was a wonderful person, and there’s not many like her out there anymore. Great friend, a great mother, great wife, she was a wonderful person,” said Harris, Rutter’s best friend who is still not at the state to believe that Rutter is no more.

Harris said that she’d been thinking like many others all the panic over the virus was overblown. And then when she got the news of Sundee, and her outlook changed. She realized that this is not something to play with, this is serious.
She added that Sundee was careful about germs because of her compromised immunity from cancer treatments, but she kept working to provide for her family. Now her worries turn to Rutter’s children.

Harris also suggested that the community is now rallying behind her who are now left without any parents as Rutter lost her husband some years ago. Her children need somebody to help them because the oldest is going to be leaving college and trying to find housing so he can take care of his siblings.
“She was the kindest person you would ever meet,” Harris said. “She was always there for everyone. And I will miss her.”

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