Revolution in Melanoma Treatment for Patients


After several years of research with little progress, the cancer researchers have finally made major revolutions in the past few years in the treatment of melanoma –the most serious kind of skin cancer. So, what is the key to these medical advances? The concept of “Immunotherapy” is helping the cancer patients suffering from Melanoma to live longer.

Recently, the breakthrough treatment for Melanoma was introduced to a patient suffering from skin cancer who had lost one of his ears to the disease. George Dodds had been fighting Melanoma (Skin) cancer since 1962. Having survived as many as 6 major surgeries, George had lost his ear to Melanoma. Still, cancer kept spreading. Until recently, the cancer was found in his lungs.

Recently, Dodds claimed that the doctors were going to try a new treatment upon him. This new type of revolutionary cancer treatment known as “Immunotherapy” or “Ipilimumab” was going to be the major step towards creating new hope for the cancer treatment across the world.

In cancer treatment, Chemotherapy is typically the first-line treatment that is given to the patients towards directing the cancer cells. However, Immunotherapy works by boosting the immune system of the body to fight cancer cells naturally. This approach can be a great hope for the patients suffering from Melanoma –just like George Dodds.

FDA claims that the treatment of Immunotherapy towards fighting cancer is so effective that it can be referred to as a “medical breakthrough”. This turns out surprising for the worldwide cancer treatment as this is the first time that medical specialists are able to direct the immune system to attack & reject cancer. The recent scans after immunotherapy have revealed that George’s lungs are improving and beating the odds.

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