Researchers from Israel Discover the Process of Boosting Natural Cancer-Killing Cells

Unraveling the future of cancer treatment, a team of researchers from Israel has discovered a new method that can boost the natural cancer-killing cells to do their job.

The entire future of cancer treatment is now known to rely significantly on the role of Nature Killer cells. Their role has been magnified in the recent study that was conducted by a team of researchers from Israel who found a way to discover a way of boosting the tasks of natural cancer-killing cells in the body. The study was led by Angel Progador –a Professor from Israel, at the Shraga Segal Department of Microbiology, Immunology & Genetics and NIBN (National Institute of Biotechnology in the Negev).

The results of the study were published at a journal named “Cancer Immunology Research” and was described as the discovery of a protein in the cell membranes of cancer cells inhibiting the immune system of the body –enabling cancer to divide uncontrollably. The membrane protein is responsible for protecting the cancers as it tends to disable the NKs (Natural Killers) cells –the WBCs that attack the tumors as well as viruses in the body.

Progador’s Revolutionary Finding

Progador states that the membrane proteins can be the next target for the upcoming cancer treatments. Using cells from mice samples, Progador along with his team was able to devise an antidote to the proteins as an antibody. The ultimate aim of the team was to come up with a treatment solution that received approval from the FDA and can be administered intramuscularly or intravenously to the patients.

Results of the Study

The revolutionary research & development of the upcoming cancer treatment is led by Pink Bio-pharma – a company that was set up by FutuRx (a famous biotech incubator). The research is funded by the Innovation Authority in Israel and can result in coming up with practical treatment options. The all-new research is serving revolutionary because it aims at focusing on the Natural Killer cells. The fact that Prof. Progador has played a major role in doing the research by coming up with a novel concept can turn out groundbreaking in several aspects.

This is because unlike other treatment options, the research does not focus on the T-cells, but emphasizes the role of NKs (Natural Killer) cells. Therefore, it turns out to be a highly promising therapeutic approach.

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