Report Suggests that the Affordable Care Act Helps in Reducing Racial Disparities in the Treatment of Cancer

A recent report from a study has revealed that the Affordable Care Act can help in reducing the racial disparities during cancer treatment.

The latest findings reveal that the Affordable Care Act can soon do away with eliminating all sorts of racial discrimination to the black folks –especially during cancer treatment. As per a new study, it is revealed that laws are associated towards bringing a reduction in the cases of racial discrimination during the care & treatment of cancer patients. The Act will also ensure the early diagnoses of cancer cases along with the treatment of ovarian cancer. The report of the study was published in the Washington Post.

The Findings of the Study

The findings of the particular study were revealed at the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology organized in Chicago. The meeting was able to attract a team of over 40,000 cancer specialists from all around the world.

As per the reports at the Washington Post, the researchers observed that black citizens having advanced forms of cancers were 4.8 percentage less likely to commence the treatment for the disease within a month of the diagnosis before the passage of the ACA.

Results of the Affordable Care Act

With the passage of the Affordable Care Act, it is expected that black citizens having expanded Medicaid as specified under the ACA tend to catch up with the white patients for ensuring early treatment of the disease. Another study revealed that ovarian cancer was diagnosed early as the bills were made law. Moreover, more black women started the treatment within a month. As per the reports of the policy experts, the reports are quite consistent with the previous cases of data linking with ACA towards ensuring improved access to care & health insurance.

Justin Bekelman –the radiation oncology professor at the University of Pennsylvania, states that the new thing about the current findings is that Medicaid & ACA expansions tend to have a significant impact on the patients having cancer. The professor also noted that the subsequent studies failed at addressing whether or not the ACA prolonged the overall survival and the quality of life. However, there are other experts as well who remain hopeful to the studies that aim at exposing a type of disparity.

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