Preventing the Risk of Breast Cancer by Including Fruits & Veggies in Your Diet


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Studies have revealed that consuming more green, yellow, red, & orange fruits as well as vegetables will reduce your overall risk of development of breast cancer. The finding suggested that women who consumed more than 5.5 servings of fruits & veggies on a daily basis had as much as 11 percent lower chances of developing breast cancer in comparison to those who consumed only 2.5 or lesser servings of fruits & vegetables.

The researchers of the study also found that the increased diet of fruits & veggies was especially associated with the lowered risks of developing highly aggressive tumors including HER2-enriched, ER-negative, and basal-like tumors. Some of the cruciferous vegetables including broccoli along with red & yellow veggies turned out to have a particularly significant impact on lowering the chances of breast cancer in women.

The study suggests that the additional constituents of the fruits & vegetables like the presence of antioxidants & other micronutrients might play a vital role in reducing the risks of developing breast cancer. A leading author from the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, Boston stated that though previous studies have suggested some association, the results of these studies have been limited in scope & power, especially with respect to the type of particular fruits & vegetables preventing the aggressive subtypes of breast cancer.

In another statement, the author added that this particular study offers a complete picture of the role of consuming fruits & vegetables towards ensuring the lowered risk of breast cancer. Previous studies in this aspect have associated the intake of high-fiber diet towards preventing the development of breast cancer. However, the benefits of fruits & veggies in this particular study appear independent of the respective fiber content.