President Trump Blames Noise from Wind Turbines Causes Cancer

President Donald Trump has recently stepped up, giving a statement against wind turbines stating that the noise emanating from the same is the cause of cancer.

Recently, President Donald Trump was found making a step against the renewable form of energy derived from wind power to be making too much noise. He further added that the wind turbines tend to decrease the overall property values while the noise that comes out might cause cancer. While the President was delivering his remarks at the annual spring dinner of the National Republican Congressional Committee, he was found saying that those who have a windmill near their house, the overall value of their houses has just gone down by as much as 75 percent. Moreover, the noise created by the windmills can lead to cancer. When asked for evidence, he offered none to support the claim made.

Trump Saying Windmills as Graveyards for Birds

While mentioning the windmills, President Trump also added that the wind turbines serve to be the graveyards for birds out there. He went on that those who love birds, they should never attempt walking user a windmill as it turns out to be a sad sight there. However, quite contrary to his statements, the Department of Energy in the United States has noted that the death of birds due to wind turbines at the windmills is a rare occasion.

Trump’s Comments in Disapproval of Wind Power

Trump made the comments with respect to the wind power when he was talking about his presidential opponent Hillary Clinton (the Democratic Nominee). Hillary Clinton had made the proposal to make major investments in wind power towards lowering carbon emissions globally.

Trump has been known to previously show his disapproval of wind power. At a recent rally in Michigan that took place last month, he was seen saying that the wind power does not work properly as the wind does not tend to blow at all times.

He added that if the wind would not blow for a day, the individuals can forget watching their favorite shows on TV that night. While his comments about noise from the windmills causing cancer are without evidence, it is considered wise to make use of wind power to reduce the overall carbon footprints.

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