Possible Male Breast Cancer Signs You Should Be Aware of


Even though the risk of breast cancer in men is quite low, being aware of the signs and seeking professional help in time is more imperative than ever.

The phrase “breast cancer” is so strongly associated with women, that most of the time people completely put it out of their head that men too can be affected. In fact, this is the main reason a lot of the times it is detected considerably later than it should be.  In fact, my older brother had male breast cancer, and luckily his cancer is in remission.

It is true that men have less breast tissue, and also the incidence is only a fraction compared to cases in women, but there is still a risk, and the consequences for ignoring them can be deadly.

Statistics show that in the United States alone, approximately 2500 new cases of breast cancer in men will be discovered in 2018 and more than 480 patients will die because of it.

One of the most common symptoms is noticing a painless lump on the chest. Often disregarded or attributed to some bumping, lumps can be a sign of a serious problem, especially when accompanied by local tenderness. Usual places are armpits, lymph nodes and around the collarbone.

Having an inverted or dented nipple can be a sign of breast cancer. When the tumor grows, it pulls on the ligaments inside the breast. You should be worried especially if you notice a dry or scaly skin around the area.

If you spot any nipple discharge, don’t be embarrassed to ask for some medical investigations. It might be fluid from a tumor build up.

Open soars that just won’t heal or go away can also be a symptom. As the tumor is growing, it might start pushing through the skin, looking at first like a popped pimple.

Occasional self-checks are important, and if you notice a problem, do not hesitate to visit your doctor, it might save your life!