Perjeta May Help Save Women From Dying With Breast Cancer


Breast cancer, a common cause of death in women. Scientists were busy in developing methods and drugs to fight this disease an win the battle. Recently a drug has been approved in Scotland for women who are in the early stages of breast cancer. It is expected that almost 400 women will get the benefit of this great discovery.

The drug named Perjeta increases the life of women diagnosed with cancer. The treatment they get is for 16 months. The generic name of Perjeta is Pertuzumab. Perjeta gives women with an incurable HER2, an additional life of 16 months which is no less than a blessing.

Scottish Tory lost his mother who fell prey to breast cancer. He said “This Isa big step forward but it isn’t far enough. We now need to see action to deliver access to Perjeta for secondary breast cancer patients too.” Every woman fighting with breast cancer should be given this magical treatment so no more children have to lose their mothers as Tory lost.

This is a targeted therapy and healthy cells stay safe improving the life quality of cancer patients. The drug is given prior to surgery which shrinks tumors and leads to less invasive surgery.

It is a targeted therapy but it has been disapproved for 3 times in Scottish NHS. This rejection was for the routine use of Perjeta.

It is now essential that SMC approves Perjeta for secondary breast cancer patients. Previously, SMC has declared Perjeta as an expensive drug but the new decision is pending which will come out in January.